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Local Authors of the Peace River Region

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Books by Jane Wheeler
Books by Jane Wheeler
Books by Jane Wheeler
Books by Jane Wheeler
The Slave Lake Fire
Books by Lauretta Beaver
Books by Christine Falk
Books by Kenneth Shumaker
Books by Rusty Knight
Books by Talena Winters
Books by Talena Winters

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"Child of the Land"
Author: Douglas W. Greenfield

"God Called My Name"
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Kindle $5.02 Paperback $14.99

Author: Gracie Anderson
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"Johnjo The Crab"
Author: Rachael Johnson Bio

"Baby's First Year"
"Bear's Bath Time"
"Haiku Tapestry of Life"

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Author: Dianne Tchir

Author: Margaret Welwood


"Diamonds in the Ruff"
Author: Wanda L. Johnson


"Past Times: Ancient Board Games"
"Past Times: Sports & Games of Medieval Europe"

Author: Jeffrey S. Johnston
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"Tales from Mama's Kitchen"
"Homestead Memories"
"As We Remember"
Author: Mrs. Anna Donaldson


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Dragoman Bloodgrue Volume 1: Fare Where?
Amazon : Etsy : InUPress : Kobo
Author: Kenneth Shumaker (Rusty Knight)

"The Friday Night Date Dress"
"Finding Heaven"

Author: Talena Winters

"I Am The One"
"The Seventh Cross"
"A Life Divided"
"A Line Once Crossed"

Author: DD ANDER

"Mystery on Dog Island"
"Return to Dog Island"
"North of Dog Island"

Author: Aaron A. Lehman

“A Time to Run”
An historical Novel
Author: Douglas W. Greenfield

"Unremarkable in Light"
Author: Christine Falk

Haiku Tapestry of Life
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Author: Dianne Tchir



"Rythmic Cycle"
Author: Dianne Tchir



"Confessions of a Fast Food Freak"
Author: DD ANDER

"Titanium Blues"
Author: Trevor Wolf

"The Sky was on Fire"
Authors: Len Ramsey, Nicola Ramsey, Joe McWilliams & MJ Kristoff

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Book by Wanda Johnson
Book by Anna Donaldson
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