Aaron Lehman Bio

Aaron A. Lehman taught Junior and Senior High School in Slave Lake, Alberta for thirty years. With his wife Winifred they have three adult children and five grandchildren.

Since retiring in 1988, Aaron published several books.
The Dog Island Trilogy consisting of Mystery on Dog Island, Return to Dog Island and North of Dog Island.

Aaron went home to meet his beloved Saviour in 2022 but his books live on.
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Aaron has written several stories for Children, Stories of Science with Dudley Dummkopf, picture books for toddlers called Opie the Octopus, A Turtle Called Paint, Ali The Anteater.

You can purchase his books at: aaronwl (at) telus (dot) net

Books published:
The Dog Island Trilogy

Mystery on Dog Island
Return to Dog Island
North of Dog Island
These three fictional books by Aaron A. Lehman give factual information about Alberta, its history and Aboriginal culture, in an interesting and amusing presentation. 

Aaron's following books can be purchased at: aaronwl (at) telus (dot) net

Friends of the Fencerow

A book of Stories for Children and Others

Stories of Science With Dudley Dummkopf

Memories and Stories

Opie the Octopus

A Turtle Called Paint

Ali the Anteater.

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