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Rachael & Jeremy Johnson
Johnjo The Crab

Book description:

My son Jeremy and I have written a story called Johnjo the Crab, it is a children's short story with illustrations. The age group that it is targeting is ages 2-6.

Johnjo the crab is a key collector and when he is on the beach he almost gets caught by a little boy but he hides. Once Johnjo is safe to get out of hiding he sees something in the distance that is shiny.  Johnjo must have the key for his collection no matter the cost. Johnjo has experience taking keys out of the ground and knows that keys can be hard to get out. Johnjo is determined he needs the shovel that he seen when he scanned the area, to assist him in getting the key. Johnjo goes to grab the shovel and a bird swoops down to get him. How will Jonjo get away from the bird? Will he get the key, is it a key?

Book Title: Johnjo The Crab
20 pages - 300 Words Hardcover available for purchase at $15.00

My name is Racheal Johnson and I homeschool my children. I believe one of the most important skills to teach children is to read and write.

My eldest sons name is Jeremy Johnson who has recently turned six (2016,) he helped me write this story when he was 3. I then forgot about it but found it again when he was 5.

I had to read it to him 5 times in one day and throughout the months to come because he liked it so much. I got his grandma Lynn Johnson to draw pictures that go with the story.

Jeremy now continually asks me to write him stories so I have written another story that involves Johnjo
the crab, but - - that is for a later time.
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